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AR15 Slings

AR15 Slings

Browse our AR15 Slings and add a more practical sling to your AR15. The sling your AR15 came with works fairly well, but it not really suited for tactical purposes. We offer a wide variety of AR15 Slings to meet all of your shooting needs.

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Magpul MS3 Multi Mission Sling Magpul MS3 QD Multi Mission Sling
Single Point Sling Adapter Single Point Sling Adapter

Choosing AR15 Slings

There are a lot of AR15 Slings to choose from. How do you choose the best one for you? Tactical AR15 Slings allow the rifle to lay across the front of you muzzle down. AR15 Slings are available in three basic types; Single Point, 2 Point, and 3 Point.

Your sling is probably the most practical accessory you will buy for your AR15.

Single Point AR15 Slings attach to your rifle at one single point, typically right behind the lower receiver, and provide a loop to slip over your head and shoulder. Single Point AR15 Slings are excellent for tactical operations, but are someone limited for anything else.

2 Point AR15 Slings attach to the stock and forearm. We like the VTAC Slings which are adjustable for various needs and applications. Our favorite AR15 sling is the padded VTAC sling. It works great for any type of shooting situations.

3 Point AR15 Slings are somewhat of a cross between a sling point sling and a 2 point sling. They have a loop that fits around your body and then other pieces of webbing that attach to the front and rear of your rifle. We don't care much for 3 point slings as they're uncomfortable and a bit cumbersome.