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AR 15 Kits

Buying AR 15 Kits and building your own rifle can by very enjoyable and economical. But like a lot of things, be careful what you spend your money on when it comes to AR 15 kits. Many of the AR 15 kits you see advertised in Shotgun News and other places online use factory rejected parts. AR 15 parts that do not meet quality control standards are sold off to companies who then put them into kits and sell them.

Don't let this happen to you! We list the Brand Name of all our AR15 kits.

The AR-15 rifle kits* include all parts needed to build a complete rifle EXCEPT the stripped lower receiver.
  • Stripped lowers must be purchased from a licensed gun dealer.
  • Kits do not come with instructions.
  • Kits can be shipped directly to your home.

*Lower parts kits only include parts to complete lower receiver; not including buffer assembly or stock.

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DPMS M4A3 Kit DPMS AP4 AR-15 Kit DPMS Lite AR-15 Kit DPMS Oracle AR-15 Kit
Price: $669.95
DPMS AP4 AR-15 Kit
Price: $644.95
DPMS Lite AR-15 Kit
Price: $539.95
AR 15 Lower Parts Kits 308 AR 15 Lower Parts Kits AR 15 Lower Parts Kit

AR 15 Kits - What Not to Do!

Many years ago I was newly enlisted in the military and wanted my own AR 15 in the worst way. Being short on cash, I saw AR 15 kits advertised in Shotgun News and figured I could save a lot of money buying the parts and building the rifle myself. In my gut it just felt too good to be true. The kits came with everything but a stripped lower receiver, but something just didn't feel right. The price was too low.

I called the company in the ad and asked them where they got their parts. They proudly told me that all their parts were made in the USA by government contract factories. Well, that sounded OK to me so I placed my order.

When my parts arrived, they didn't look quite as nice as the ones inside the M16 issued to me and stored in the armory on base. Upon inspecting the barrel, there was a large burr inside from drilling the gas port. That couldn't be good for accuracy I figured. I went ahead and built the rifle.

Upon firing it for the first time, the magazine dropped right out of the gun. I then saw that the magazine catch had snapped in half! At this point I took the gun into a local gunsmith. He was an older guy and kind of smiled when I told him my story.

"Bought one of those cheap AR 15 kits out of Shotgun News didn't ya", he said knowingly. He then went on to tell me the truth behind many of the AR 15 kits on the market. They are made from parts rejected by the major AR15 brands. In the manufacturing process, there's always parts that are out of spec or do not me quality control standards. Companies buy these parts and use them in the AR 15 kits.

Well.... I learned the hard way! You don't have to. All of the AR 15 kits we sell are made from DPMS Brand parts. They are the same parts used in DPMS rifles and come to us from DPMS. These ARE NOT the factory rejects I just told you about. When you purchase our AR 15 kits, you know you're getting quality parts.